Beautiful beaches in Odisha

9 Beautiful Beaches in Odisha that You Must Visit

Odisha is a beautiful combination of ancient culture and natural beauty. Mostly Odisha is known for its noteworthy temples, cultures, and cuisines. But other than these, there are so many things in Odisha that will make you fall in love with this beautiful state of India. If we are talking about beaches in Odisha, then only one beach will come to everyone’s mind, and that is Puri sea beach. But other than this, there are so many beautiful beaches that you should visit on your next trip. So, let’s explore some of these amazing beaches of Odisha.

Aryapalli Beach

Aryapalli beach near the town of Chatrapur, Ganjam is one of the most magnificent beaches in Odisha, known for its calm and serene atmosphere. Palm tree and green casuarina plantation enhance the beauty of this beach. Aryapalli beach is also famous for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, which attracts a lot of tourists. This beach is an astounding natural beauty with crystal blue water, silver sands, and lush green casuarina plantations. Its tranquil environment and the invigorating climate make this one of the beautiful beaches in Odisha. If you want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of city life and to spend quality and peaceful time with your loved ones, then Aryapalli beach is the best option for you.

Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur beach, Odisha

Located just 15 km from the commercial hub of Odisha, Berhampur town, Gopalpur beach is an attractive beach in Odisha. This is one of the most luxurious beaches of India due to its tranquil and soothing coast. This beach is one of those few places in India where you can find Olive Ridley turtles. It is also famous for hosting the annual Gopalpur Beach Festival, and lots of tourists from all over the state gather here to experience several aqua sports. Gopalpur beach is also a paradise for sailors. Lighthouse is another famous attraction of this beach, which gives a marvelous view of the city of Gopalpur and the crystal blue water of the Bay of Bengals. Gopalpur beach is a great place to relax and to immerse yourself in nature. In short, people who want peace must wander this beautiful beach of Odisha once.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur beach, Balesore, Odisha

Chandipur beach is a desolate coastal village in the Balesore district of Odisha. Apart from its unique evanescent sea due to the extreme high tides and low tides, this beach is additionally famous for its seafood. When the sea disappears, it goes 5 km away. It is a privilege to watch the magnificent sunrise and the sunset somewhere beyond waters. Moreover, if you are a nature doter, you should not miss an incredible place like Chandipur beach.

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Talasari Beach

Talsari beach is located in Balesore district, 10 km from Digha, which is one of the major beaches in Odisha. The quiet and clean environment of this secret beach greatly enhances the beauty of the place. Far away from a hustle and bustle, the sand art, tranquil waves, palm trees, coconut trees, and cashew trees of the Talsari beach is enough to make a person blissful. As there is not so much crowd, it is a paradise for fishermen. Apart from a beach, Talasari is a suburb of the Subarnarekha River that connects the Bay of Bengal.

Paradeep Beach

Paradeep beach, Odisha

A major port of Odisha and commercial seaport of India, Paradeep also bears a fine beach where people especially come to enjoy sunbath and to observe the beautiful sunrise and sunset. It is one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Odisha. Paradeep beach is present at a distance of 125 km from Bhubaneswar and 94 km from the silver city Cuttack. The cool breeze helps you to release all your stress and to immerse yourself in the lap of nature. This beach with golden shimmering sands, indigo blue waters, and huge rock boulders, is a perfect destination for all nature doters and peace seekers. Located at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the river Mahanadi, this beach is one of the popular tourist destinations in Odisha.

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Puri Beach

Puri sea beach

The most well-known and popular beach in Odisha, Puri sea beach is one of the best beaches in Eastern India. It is the busiest beach of Odisha for its proximity to the famous Jagannath temple, Puri. Puri beach is also famous for the sand sculptures made by the internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik. It is the perfect place to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Other than these, the Puri beach festival is another attraction that is celebrated here every year. During this festival, a plethora of tourists come here to see various cultural events, fashion shows, and adventure sports like Malkhamb, kabaddi, beach volleyball, etc. Apart from these, Puri beach is a hub of water sports and delicious seafood. You can reminisce about your unforgettable trip later by buying some souvenirs from the kiosks. The best time to go there is at sunrise or sunset when the beach offers a picturesque view.

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Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga beach, Odisha

Situated 3 km east of Konark sun temple, Chandrabhaga beach is one of the most pristine and pollution-free beaches in India. Due to its clean shores and crystal clear water, this beach has been awarded the Blue Flag Certification on World Environment Day. This beautiful beach is famous for its tranquil surroundings and to provide a picturesque view of sunrise. This beach also holds the significance of cultural and historical importance. Several cultural festivals and religious fairs are held here frequently, which magnetizes a lot of tourists and visitors.

Astaranga Beach

Astaranga beach is a magnificent beach, located around 19 km away from the Konark Sun temple. This beach lies on the coast of Bay of Bengal in the Prachi Valley. Astaranga means colorful sunsets, and as the name suggests, this beach is famous for providing a picturesque view of sunsets. An unusual distinct view of the vibrant sunset makes this beach a paradise for photographers and bird watchers. The Astaranga beach is also famous for a small market that is set up every morning on the beach from where you can purchase the different varieties of fresh fishes. This beach is a perfect place to spend some quiet and peaceful time rejuvenating yourself.

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Ramchandi Beach

Located on the confluence of river Kushabhadra and the mighty Bay of Bengal, Ramchandi beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Odisha as well as India. This beach got the name Ramchandi from the temple of Goddess Ramchandi. At a distance 7 km from Konark, this beach is present on the marine drive. Apart from the regular tourists, this place is frequently visited by picnickers, young couples, and college students. Dazzling silver sands, crystal clear water, and tall towering palm trees are the main attractions of this beach. You can also witness the most incredible sunrise and sunsets on this pristine beach.

Other than the noteworthy temple, Odisha also boasts some beautiful beaches. Most of these beaches are so calm and serene, which will give you immense pleasure. These beaches will make your whole journey memorable and more fun. Add them to your bucket list and spend a beautiful time at these pristine beaches.

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