9 Beautiful Beaches Near Kolkata to Visit For a Relaxing Vacation

9 Beautiful Beaches Near Kolkata to Visit For a Relaxing Vacation

The city of Joy Kolkata is mostly famous for its culture, art, music, and delicious foods. Other than its diversified and vibrant culture, Kolkata is also famous for its natural beauty. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, there are some amazing beaches near Kolkata, which attract a plethora of tourists every year from different nooks and corners of the world. The serene and calm atmosphere of these beaches makes them a paradise for travelers. So, let’s explore these hidden gems of Kolkata.

The Sagar Beach

The Sagar Beach or Gangasagar is one of the most visited beaches near Kolkata. People also call this Sagardwip. Every year this beach is flooded with a plethora of visitors as they make their way to Gangasagar for a holy dip in the Ganges. This beach is one of the calm, soothing places to enjoy a sunset. If you are a beach lover and want to spend some quality time with your family, then you must plan your vacation to this crystal clear beach. Gangasagar beach is the nearest beach to Kolkata. Apart from the beach, Gangasagar Mela is also lavishly celebrated every year.

Time: October-January

Things to do: Beach walking, Sunbathing

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Bakkhali Beach

Bakkhali beach

One of the crowded beaches along the coastline of West-Bengal is Bakkhali beach. The sapphire blue waters and the gushing sound of the waves make this beach a paradise for travelers. If you are planning a quiet holiday with your beloved ones, then Bakkhali Beach is a must-visit place. Apart from the beautiful beach, tourists also visit this place for other attractions like Bakkhali Watch Tower, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project in Sundarbans, Sagar Island, Jambu Dwip, and Fraserganj.

Time: October-March

Things to do: Beach walking, Island hopping

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Kiran Sea Beach

Kiran Sea Beach, located on Henry’s Island, will surely amaze you with its beauty and charm. The Kiran Beach is a blend of sand and clay and is lined with casuarinas plantation with occasional mangroves. Apart from these, a company of red crabs turns the beach into a red carpet. You will also find different bird species at the Kiran beach like whistling ducks, common snipe, black-rumped flame back woodpecker, Streak-throated woodpecker, and kingfisher.

Time: September-April

Things to do: Beach walking, Birdwatching

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Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani beach, one of the unexplored beaches near Kolkata

The list of beaches near Kolkata seems incomplete without mentioning Mandarmani beach. With great scenery, sandy beaches, and an amazing aura of luxury about itself, Mandarmani is a great place to get rid of the hustle-bustle of the city life. This 13 km coastline is also home to parasailing activities. As it is the longest motorable beach in India, you can also romp your car at full speed to have an ultimate thrill like no other. Mandarmani is a great place to watch the setting sun against thrashing waves.

Time: October-February

Things to do: Beach walking, Parasailing

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Tajpur Beach

Tajpur beach, one of the best beaches near Kolkata

In the East Midnapore district of West Bengal, Tajpur beach is one of the famous beaches near Kolkata. With the sun-kissed beach, swaying casuarina trees, and giant waves, this beach has recently gained prominence as a weekend beach destination of West Bengal. During the day time, the sand being carpeted with red crabs. Nowadays, many local, as well as foreign travelers, visit Tajpur beach to enjoy their vacation. If you are looking to spend some time in peace and isolation, then you must choose Tajpur beach for its serene atmosphere.

Time: October-February

Things to do: Beach walking

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Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur beach

Breathtaking Shankarpur beach is one of the most sought after beaches on the entire Eastern coast. Clean water, white sand, and mildly blowing winds make the Shankarpur beach a great tourist attraction. The beautiful sunset is another attraction of this beach, which should not be missed. If you want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of daily life, then you must visit this calm and peaceful beach.

Time: September-February

Things to do: Beach walking, Water Sports

Digha Beach

Digha beach, one of the famous beaches near Kolkata

Digha is one of the popular beaches as well as tourist attractions near Kolkata. The scenic beauty of this beach is charming and alluring. The palm and casuarina plantations along the coast further enhance its beauty. Apart from beautifying, these trees also help in the reduction of erosion of the dunes. Its natural beauty, calm and serene atmosphere attracts a plethora of tourists every year. Both sunrise and sunset at Digha beach is a must watch thing.

Time: October-February

Things to do: Beach walking, Marine life explorations

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Talasari Beach

Talsari beach is located in Balesore district, 10 km from Digha, which is one of the major beaches in Odisha. The quiet and clean environment of this secret beach greatly enhances the beauty of the place. Far away from a hustle and bustle, the sand art, tranquil waves, palm trees, coconut trees, and cashew trees of the Talsari beach is enough to make a person blissful. As there is not so much crowd, it is a paradise for fishermen. Apart from a beach, Talasari is also a suburb of the Subarnarekha River that connects the Bay of Bengal.

Time: October-December

Things to do: Beach walking, Sunbathing, Take a relaxing walk

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur beach

Chandipur beach is a desolate coastal village in the Balesore district of Odisha. Apart from its unique evanescent sea due to the extreme high tides and low tides, this beach is additionally famous for its seafood. When the sea disappears, it goes 5 km away. It is a privilege to watch the magnificent sunrise and the sunset somewhere beyond the waters. Moreover, if you are a nature doter, you should not miss an incredible place like Chandipur beach.

Time: October-February

Things to do: Meditate, Relish the sunsets, Spot the Horseshoe Crab

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Among various beaches, I have listed some of the popular beaches to visit near Kolkata. The tranquil and immaculate vibe of these places will give you immense pleasure. So, plan your next vacation to the eastern hub of India and get awestruck with these stunning beaches, which surely will make your trip memorable.

I hope this blog will help you to find some of the best beaches near Kolkata. If you find this blog interesting and helpful, then don’t forget to share your experience by commenting below.

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