Konark sun temple is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha

Top 20 Tourist Destinations to visit in Odisha

As Odisha is a religious state of India you can find many types of temples on every street. Whether it is the holy Jagannath temple of Puri or the erotic art of the Rajarani temple, the amazing applique work of Pipili or the Sun temple with the unbelievable carvings of Konark, Odisha has always made its unique identification throughout the country thanks to its traditions, culture, and art. Odisha is a beautiful combination of culture and modernity that magnetizes a plethora of tourists. There are several tourist destinations to visit in Odisha. Here is a list of some best tourist spots of Odisha which can mesmerize you with their beauty.


The heart of Odisha, Bhubaneswar which is the state capital, is also famous as the Temple city of India. Bhubaneswar, a city of heritage and architecture, attracts many pilgrims and tourists from all over India through its delightful and noteworthy temples. There are more than 700 temples and most of the temples are devoted to Lord Shiva. The city is named after Lord Shiva’s other name Tribhuvaneshwar which means the God of three worlds. The absolute most unbelievable temples built in Bhubaneswar many centuries ago still hold their actual excellence.

Bhubaneswar is like a paradise for tourists and pilgrims seeking blessings from majestic Hindu deities. This historic city has now become a hub of trade and commerce, keeping pace with the transmuting times.

Best time: October to March

Major attractions of Bhubaneswar:

Lingaraj Temple

King Jajati Keshari in the 7th century built Lingaraj Temple, which is the oldest and largest temple in Bhubaneswar. It is believed that the Linga here, was naturally appeared, rising 8 inches above the floor level and 8 feet in diameter.

The structure of the temple shows a glimpse of Odissi style architecture and the stone vaults cover the main sanctum of the temple. Following many years of rituals and culture, the temple only allows Hindu devotees to enter the temple. Mahashivratri is the biggest festival of the temple, which is celebrated every year with great ecstasy. An average of 6,000 people visit the temple every day, but during the time of Mahashivratri, about 200,000 devotees from far and wide congregate here.

Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves

Khandagiri and Udaygiri caves of Odisha

The Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves in Odisha were dug in the 2nd century during the reign of King Kharavela of Kalinga. The Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves, formerly known as the Kattaka caves or Cuttack caves, are partly natural and partly artificial. It was excavated for the residence of Jain monks during the time of King Kharavela. There are 18 caves in Udayagiri and 15 in Khandagiri.

Many saints from different parts of the country come to Khandagiri every year in February to participate in the Kumbha Mela i.e., Khandagiri Jatra. If you want to know the deep history of this place, you should hire a guide.


Dhauli giri is a buddhist shanti stupa. It is one of the best tourist destinations of Odisha

Dhauli, located on the banks of the Daya River is 8 km from Bhubaneswar. The famous Shanti Stupa is significant for many devotees of Lord Buddha, and its beauty attracts many spectators from far and wide.

The Kalinga Battle fought in the 3rd century B.C., was so fierce that the Daya river turned red by the blood of the deceased. This marked a major change in Emperor Ashoka’s character, and he eventually adopted Buddhism. Ashoka has inscribed many things in Brahmi language on the stone of this hill. Ashoka has made many chaityas, stupa, pillars, and tried to bring peace to society. The dazzling Shanti Stupa of Dhauli was built in 1970 by the Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha. Its peaceful environment and stunning scenery attract a plethora of tourists.

Other places to visit in Bhubaneswar: ISKCON Temple, Parsurameswar Temple, Rajarani Temple, Bindu Sarovar, Odisha State Museum, Brahmeswar Temple, Mukteswar Temple, Museum of Tribal Arts & Artefacts, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Ram Mandir, Chausath Jogini Temple, Nicco Park, Deras Dam, Regional Museum of Natural History, Pathanisamanta Planetarium


The commercial capital Cuttack is one of the oldest and the 2nd largest city of Odisha, and the former capital of the state as well. Cuttack is renowned as the Silver City for its famous silver filigree work. Cuttack is a perfect blend of history, heritage, and culture. This vintage city is a habitation of many sanctuaries, antique forts, shrines, museums, lakes, and islands. That’s why Cuttack is one of the top tourist destinations in Odisha. Although many festivals are celebrated in Odisha, Cuttack is famous for the Bali Jatra and Durga Puja.

If you are a fan of temples and ancient architecture, Cuttack is a must-visit place, and many of its tourist attractions will make your travel memorable.

Best time: July to March

Major attractions of Cuttack:

Barabati Fort

The Barabati Fort, which holds the relics of ancient history, was built in the 14th century during the Ganga dynasty. It is located on the banks of Mahanadi, 8 km from Cuttack. It is positioned in such a place that provides a beautiful view of the modern city of Cuttack. The fort is a blazing example of history, architecture, and glory.

Other places to visit in Cuttack: Bhitarkanika National Park and Sanctuary, Dhabaleswar, Mahanadi Barrage


Puri is one of the famous tourist destinations in Odisha, found 60 km south of the state capital Bhubaneswar. Since the world-famous Jagannath Temple is situated in this city, it is also called Jagannath Dham. The Jagannath Temple is a pillar of the holy Char Dhams. So Puri is a well-known pilgrimage site for Hindus. Lord Jagannath’s sacred Rath Jatra (Chariot Festival) is a significant festival in Odisha, which is held in June-July and is attended by a huge number of people consistently.

As Puri is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, it fascinates a plethora of tourists. The sand art and craftsmanship are the main crafts which greatly enhance the beauty of the city. If you are planning to visit Odisha, it must be in your bucket list.

Best time: July to March

Major attractions in Puri:

Puri Jagannath Temple

The Puri Jagannath Temple was built in the 11th century by King Indradyumna. It has created a unique identity around the world for its culture and traditions. Hindu pilgrims believe that pilgrimage is not complete without coming here as it is one Dham among Char Dhams. There are many small temples in the vicinity of this temple. The four Dwaras with perfect carving, greatly enhance the decoration of the temple. Another attraction here is the Mahaprasad, which no devotee ever wants to miss.

Some mysterious facts about Puri Jagannath Temple:

  • No birds or planes fly over the Jagannath Temple. Therefore, the Jagannath Temple has been declared as a no-fly zone.
  • Although the height of the temple is so high, the shadow of the dome of the temple is not visible whatever be the time of day.
  • The flag at the top of the temple always flaps in the opposite direction of the airflow.
  • There is a Chakra (Nila Chakra) at a height of 20 feet on the top of the temple. No matter where you are in Puri, you will find the Chakra is facing towards you.
  • Puri is a crowded city but no outside sound goes to the temple premises.
  • The quantity of Mahaprasad, cooked inside the temple, remains the same for the entire year. But the same quantity of prasad can feed a few thousands of people to a few lakhs of people, there has never been a shortfall.
  • 600-700 cook prepare Mahaprasad on firewood by keeping seven vessels or pots one above the other. The miracle is that the food kept in the topmost vessel gets cooked first, followed by the second and so on till the seventh.

Puri beach

Puri sea beach is one of the top destinations of Odisha

Apart from the Jagannath Temple, the beautiful beach is one of the major attractions of Puri. Its golden sand, roaring waves, and a variety of seafood attract a plethora of tourists. The beach is also famous for its sand art made by internationally acclaimed sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik. Thanks to this beach, Puri is always filled with foreign tourists. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in eastern India.

Other places to visit in Puri: Narendra Pokhari, Lakshmi Temple, Raghurajpur village, Markandeswar Temple, Gundicha Temple


Pipili is a town in the Puri district of Odisha which is famous for its art and craft. It is especially famous for designing applique handicrafts. If you visit Pipili then you can find very beautiful and colorful fabrics made by the artisans.

Best time: September to March


Sun temple of Konark is one of the best tourist destinations of Odisha

Konark is a town in the Puri district, has gained huge apperception for the Sun Temple located here. Among the various sights of Odisha, Konark has created a special place thanks to its vintage arts and sculptures. Other than the Sun Temple, its beautiful beach, archaeological museum, and the famous Konark dance festival magnetize an abundance of tourists.

The world-famous Sun Temple is one of the seven wonders of India. The Sun Temple is one of the most beautiful monuments in the country in terms of culture, heritage, and architecture. This incredible temple was built in the 13th century, and it is an immense chariot of Lord Surya. Konark is also famous for its fascinating carvings on the temple.

Konark is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha for art doters who want to discover the impeccable carvings and statues of the Sun Temple.

Other places to visit in Konark: Chandrabhaga Beach, Astaranga Beach, Ramchandi

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The Berhampur city, on the eastern coast of Odisha, is the Silk City due to the lovely and charming craftsmanship of the Pata sari. As it is the house of Lord Brahma, it is also called Brahmapur. Apart from the wonderful handicrafts, handlooms, and jewelry, the city is also famous for its delicious papads (popadum), pickles, and badi. This vintage city is one of the most famous cities in Odisha where the famous Thakurani Jatra is celebrated every year with great jubilance.

Best time: October to June

Major attractions of Berhampur:

Gopalpur beach

Located just 15 km from Berhampur town on the southern coast of Odisha, the Gopalpur has now become a hub for trade, commerce, and tourism. This is one of the most attractive beaches of India due to its tranquility and beauty of nature. Gopalpur beach is a great place to relax and to immerse yourself in nature. In short, people who want peace must wander this beautiful beach of Odisha once.


Taptapani, about 50 km from Berhampur in Ganjam district, is a hot water spring. As it contains sulfur, bathing in this water can cure skin diseases. Apart from this, its green forest and pleasing environment are other attractions. Tribal communities worship Taptapani as a goddess. Nearby there is a deer park which you can also visit.

Other places to visit in Berhampur: Taratarini Temple, Panchama


Baripada in Mayurbhanj district is one of the popular tourist destinations in Odisha, and it is well known for its beautiful art and culture. As the famous Rath Jatra is celebrated here after Puri, it is also known as the Dwitiya Shrikshetra. The Baripada Rath Jatra is known for its unique tradition in which only women pull the chariot of Goddess Subhadra.

Many of the region’s most talented dancers participate in the famous dance form, Chhau, in the Chaitra festival in mid-April. Baripada is also famous for its Bangripori tusser fabric. The Shimlipal Tiger Reserve, the sparkling waterfalls, the animals and birds of various species, Samuel and Red Silk Cotton trees, and countless other attractions magnetize tourists towards Baripada.

Best time: October to June

Major attractions of Baripada:

Simlipal National Park

Simlipal national park of Odisha

Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries and a major tiger project in India with an area of 2,750 km2. It is named Simlipal as a huge amount of red silk cotton trees are growing in this area. The dense forests, rivers, and vast valleys make this place considerably more lovely. It is one of the unique beautiful national parks in Odisha.

Barehipani Waterfall

Barehipani Falls, the 2nd largest waterfall in India, is one of the attractions of Simlipal National Park. It is located on the Budhabalanga River, which flows in the Meghasuni mountains of the Eastern Ghats. It is a two-tiered waterfall with a height of 399 meters.

Other places to visit in Baripada: Mayurbhanj Palace, Baripada Museum, Maa Ambika Temple


Jeypore is the 2nd largest city in South Odisha after Berhampur, which has retained its historic paramountcy. The Jeypore city is famous for its prodigious valleys, waterfalls, freshwater lakes, and mountains. Deomali, the highest peak in Odisha, is a popular picnic spot that is located not so far from Jeypore.

Best time: October to February

Other nearby places to visit: Gupteswar Caves, Sunabeda, Duduma waterfall, Shakti waterfall, Deomali, Kolab Hydroelectric power reservoir


Although Bargarh has a glimpse of Odia culture, Hindu mythology, and history, it is one of the lesser-known tourist destinations in Odisha. The comely natural environment and the temple make this place even more beautiful. The place has more significance as the “Gandhamardan Parvat” mentioned in the Ramayana is located in this place.

The main attraction of the place is the sacred Dhanu Jatra, which is celebrated here every year. Until the end of the Jatra, the local people worship the actors playing the role of Krishna and Balaram, believing that they are deities. Anyone who wants to know the Hindu mythology deeply must visit here.

Best time: October to March

Other nearby places to visit: Gandhamardan, Chal Dhar waterfall, Kedarnath Temple, Nrusinghnath Temple


Ludu waterfall of Daringbadi, Odisha

Daringbadi is a hill station in the Kandhamal district of eastern Odisha, located at an elevation of 3,000 feet. With dense forests, coffee gardens, valleys, and the great snowfall, Daringbadi is also called Kashmir of Odisha. Due to the tranquility and tribal civilization, Daringbadi is one of the must-visit tourist destinations of Odisha. The name Daringbadi came from a British officer named Daring Saheb, who was in charge of this place during British rule. It is also famous for its high-quality turmeric production. If you opt to relish its fascinating beauty then you should take a road trip to this hill station.

Best time: September to May


Filled with forests, hills, rivers, and streams, Rayagada is mainly dwelled by tribal. The district has a bounty of historical places to visit and is famous for its delicious cuisine, crafts, and handmade products. Rayagada, on the southeastern border of Odisha, is an upcoming tourist spot.

Best time: October to February

Major attractions of Rayagada: Majhighariani Temple, hanging bridge at Chekaguda, Chatikona falls, Hatipathar, Minajola, Laxminarayan Temple


Hanuman vatika of Rourkela, Odisha

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Rourkela is located in the Sundergarh district of Odisha. As the first city in the country to commercialize steel production, it is also called the Steel City of Odisha or Ispat Nagar. It is affluent in various mineral resources and is mainly an industrial city. National Institute of Technology and Biju Pattnayak Institute of Technology is also here. It is the second-most well-organized city in India after Chandigarh. The ancient temples, parks, dams, and waterfalls make it one of the popular tourist destinations in Odisha.

Best time: October to March

Other nearby places to visit: Darjeeng, Vedavyas & Vaishno Devi Temple, Hanuman Vatika, Mandira Dam, Pitamahal Dam, Badaghagara waterfall, Khandadhar waterfall

Paradip Port

The Paradip port of Jagatsinghpur district is located at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Mahanadi. Located on the eastern coast of India, it is the 11th largest port in India. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha, where one can see the huge ships and other marine activities. One can also visit Bhitarakanika national park to see exotic animals like saltwater Crocodiles, Pythons, Wild pigs, Darters, etc.

Best time: October to February

Other nearby places to visit: Gahirmatha sanctuary and beach, Lighthouse


Surrounded by prolific waterfalls, mountains, green forests, and affluent wildlife, Sambalpur is one of the major tourist destinations in western Odisha. It is a beautiful medley of modernity, natural beauties, and culture.

Sambalpur is famous for its handlooms and textiles. Sambalpuri dance, musical instruments, and Sambalpuri sari have created a unique identity of Odisha. A regional song of Sambalpur, Rangbati, has gained huge popularity in the world. Sambalpur is the largest city in western Odisha, and it is also a historic site because of many freedom fights that fought here.

If natural beauty, culture, and tribal life are fascinating you, then Sambalpur is a must-visit place for you.

Best time: September to March

Major attractions of Sambalpur:

Samaleswari Temple

The Samaleswari temple on the banks of the Mahanadi is the most famous in this region. It is devoted to Goddess Samaleswari. The name Sambalpur comes from Goddess Samaleswari.

Hirakud Dam

The Hiakud Dam, located on the banks of the Mahanadi River, is the largest river valley project of Odisha. It is the longest and one of the largest reservoirs in the world. This is the source of power generation in Odisha. It is also the largest artificial lake in Asia that irrigates the region. The main characteristic of this dam is the view of its beautiful expanses of water from the Nehru Minaret and the Gandhi Minaret in the north. Besides, it gives the bird spectators a splendid experience.

Other places to visit in Sambalpur: Leaning Temple of Huma, Debigarh & Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuaries

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Chilika Lake

Chilika which spread over the Khordha, Puri, and Ganjam district of Odisha is the largest Brackish water lagoon of Asia. Though it is the largest wintering ground on the Indian sub-continent, every year various species of migratory birds from Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Himalayas peregrinate here. Therefore, Chilika is the paradise of birds.

Bacon Island, Breakfast Island, and Honeymoon Island are such attractions that force tourists to visit Chilika frequently. Located on a hill surrounded by blue water, the Kalijai temple is one of the attractions for tourists. From here, you can also visit Nalabana Island for the bird sanctuary, Satapada to visualize dolphins, and Parikud Islands.

Chilika with its sparkling water, tranquil environment, and the beauty of the birds, is enough to captivate nature doters and bird watchers.

Best time: October to February


The disappearing beach of Chandipur is a must vist tourist destination in Odisha

Chandipur is a desolate coastal village in the Balesore district of Odisha. Apart from its unique evanescent sea due to the extreme high tides and low tides, Chandipur is additionally famous for its seafood. When the sea disappears, it goes 5 km away. It is a privilege to watch the magnificent sunrise and the sunset somewhere beyond waters. Moreover, if you are a nature doter, you should not miss an incredible place like Chandipur Beach.

Best time: November to March

Other places to visit in Chandipur: Nilagiri, Panchalingeswar, Remuna, Sajanagarh

Talasari Beach

Talsari beach is located in Balesore district, 10 km from Digha, which is one of the major beaches in Odisha. The quiet and clean environment of this secret beach greatly enhances the beauty of the place. Far away from a hustle and bustle, the sand art, tranquil waves, palm trees, coconut trees, and cashew trees of the Talsari beach is enough to make a person blissful. As there is not so much crowd, it is a paradise for fishermen. Apart from a beach, Talasari is a suburb of the Subarnarekha River that connects the Bay of Bengal.

Best time: October to December, February

Other nearby places to visit: Digha, Shankarpur

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Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary

The 795.52 km long Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of the river Mahanadi fascinates tourists with its abundant beauty and spectacular green forest. It is home to different species of wildlife, birds, and trees. The Tikrapada Wildlife Sanctuary provides a conducive environment for tigers, gaurs, simbal, four-horned antelopes, sloths, gharial, and sambal.

If you come here, the tranquil atmosphere, the expansive greenery, and the gentle breeze blowing from Mahanadi will enter your soul to whisper the chants of ecstasy.

Best time: October to March

Satakosia Tiger Reserve

The Satakosia tiger reserve occupies an area of 988.30 km2 and is located in the Angul district of Odisha. This dense forest is the domicile to wild tigers, and a large number of elephants, birds, and a variety of wild animals are also there. Kuanria Deer Park and the Kantilo Neelmadhab Temple are also there to visit.


Harishankar temple, in the Bolangir district of Odisha, is situated on the slopes of the Gandhamardan Parvat. As this place is the connection between the two Hindu deities Vishnu and Shiva, many devotees congregate here. Its beautiful view and the stream passing on the granite bed fascinate many viewers.

These are some of the best tourist destinations of Odisha. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag to visit this beautiful state of India to feel the beauty and to create some exceptional memories.

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FAQs about Odisha

Q. What is famous in Odisha?

A. There are numerous temples, monuments, and religious sites in Odisha. Other than that Odisha is also famous for beaches, parks, waterfalls, valleys, and rivers.

Q. What are the major tourist destinations in Odisha?

A. Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, and Konark are important tourist places. Other than that there are so many places to explore in Odisha.

Q. How can I reach Odisha?

A. You can reach Odisha by bus, train, or by flight.

Q. What is the best time to visit Odisha?

A.  The winter season i.e. October to March is the best time.

Q. What is not so good about Odisha?

A. Scorching summer, cyclone, and humid weather in monsoon.

Q. Who should visit Odisha?

A. Perfect place for religious people and peace seekers. Odisha is a must-visit place for nature and architecture lovers.

Q. What is Odisha’s famous food?

A. Abadha (Lord Jagannath’s Mahaprasad), pakhala (fermented rice dish eaten in summers), chenna poda (burnt cheese), rasagola, rasabali, chenna jhilli are some of the famous food in Odisha. Odisha is also famous for its delicious papads, chutney, and pickles.

Q. Which saree is famous in Odisha?

A. Sambalpuri ikat or bandha saree and Kataki saree

Q. Which city has the most number of temples in Odisha?

A. Bhubaneswar has approximately 700 temples. So it is the Temple city of India.

Q. What is famous in Puri?

A. Puri is famous for Jagannath temple, holy Rath Jatra, and the beach.

Q. How many days are enough for Puri?

A. There are so many beautiful places in Puri. So you can expect a stay time of 4-5 days to explore Puri completely.

Q. What are the famous beaches in Odisha?

A. Puri beach, Konark beach, Gopalpur beach, Chandipur beach, and Paradip beach are some of the famous beaches in Odisha.

Q. What are the different folk dance of Odisha?

A. Odissi, Chau, Chaiti Ghoda, Gotipua, Danda Nata, Sambalpuri folk are some of the famous dance forms of Odisha.

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