Waterfalls of Odisha

These 17 Waterfalls of Odisha Will Surely Amaze You

Primarily known for its culture and heritage, the state of Odisha amazes visitors with its diverse natural beauty. Of the many attractions, the numerous alluring waterfalls that present here hold a special position in Odisha tourism. If you are planning to explore Odisha, then you must cover these beautiful waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls in Odisha, but through this blog, we’ll try to explore some of the best of them.

Barehipani Waterfall

Barehipani waterfall, Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Barehipani waterfall, the 2nd largest waterfall in India is one of the major attractions of Simlipal National Park present in Mayurbhanj district. Budhabalanga River lets this waterfall cuddle and flows over the mighty Meghashuni mountains of the Eastern Ghats. It is a two-tiered waterfall with a height of 399 meters. Furthermore, those who are visiting the national park to see the wild elephants, Bengal tigers, and Indian bison, their experience becomes more wonderful with the presence of this beautiful waterfall. Moreover, the waterfall looks gorgeous in the time of the full moon.

Joranda Waterfall

Joranda waterfall of Mayurbhanj

Joranda waterfall is present near Dhanaulti in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Shimlipal national park is the home to this beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is dropping from a height of 150 meters, and it is the 19th highest waterfall in India. Moreover, the surrounding wildlife sanctuaries and dense forests make this waterfall even more beautiful.

Devkund Waterfall

Devkund waterfall of Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Devkund is a beautiful place, which is also present in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. The name Devkund means The bathing spot of God and Goddesses. This is a natural pond created by an adjacent waterfall. This place is present at a distance of 60 km from Baripada and 85 km from Balasore. The dense forests, and mountains along with this waterfall, attract a plethora of visitors. Above all, the water descends from the hilltop by creating five ponds named Amrita Kunda, Ghrita Kunda, Haladi Kunda, Devi Kunda, and Deva Kunda. Apart from this, this place is also famous as a popular pilgrimage site due to the presence of Devi Ambika Temple.

Duduma Waterfall

Duduma waterfall of Koraput, Odisha

Duduma waterfall in the Badigad village of Koraput district is one of the highest waterfalls in India. This waterfall is present about 70 km away from the town of Jeypore. The origin of the Duduma waterfall is the Machkund river, and the water of this waterfall is the backbone of the Machkund Hydro Electric Power Project. In addition to this, Duduma has two sub waterfall, one in Andhra Pradesh and the other one in Odisha. Due to the presence of this waterfall, this place is one of the best tourist destinations of Odisha.

Khandadhar Waterfall

Khandadhar waterfall, Sundargarh

Khandadhar Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Odisha, located in the Sundargarh district. The horse-tailed waterfall descends from a height of 244 meters and it is the 12th largest waterfall in India. The spectacular view of the cascading water makes it a popular tourist destination in Odisha. Moreover, the entire area is a repository of rare medicinal plants.

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Pradhanpat Waterfall

Pradhanpat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in the town of Deogarh, located about 100 km away from Sambalpur. This popular waterfall is surrounded by astounding hills and thick forests. The main feature of this waterfall is a soothing echo sound that is created by water drops falling from a height of 9.1 meters. Moreover, the Pradhanpat waterfall is one of the perfect places for photography due to its rare scenic sight of nature. If you want to relax in the lap of nature, then this waterfall in Odisha is the best option for you.

Sanaghagara Waterfall

Sanaghagara waterfall of Keonjhar district

Sanaghagara Waterfall of Keonjhar district is one of the famous picnic spots of Odisha. This waterfall, which means a small waterfall is almost 5 km away from the town of Keonjhar. This place is located at an average of 1950 feet above the mean sea level, and the water drops are falling from a height of 30.5 meters. The waterfalls, pools, rocks, and green forests together make this place a perfect spot for visitors. Apart from this, Sanaghagara is also a famous place for adventure lovers as they can do trekking here. Furthermore, there are many more tourist attractions, like Badaghagara Waterfall, Sidhamata, Khandadhar Waterfall, and Sri Baladev Jew Temple that are adjacent to Sanaghagara.

Badaghagara Waterfall

Badaghagara waterfall of Keonjhar district is one of the famous waterfalls in Odisha. It is present about 9 km away from the district headquarters of the town Keonjhar. Badaghagara waterfall is a part of the river Ghagara, which itself is a tributary of the Baitarani river. This waterfall drops from a height of 60 meters. The waterfall has a neverending flow of water, so a dam was constructed close to the downstream side. Moreover, the lush green forests around here add extra beauty to the waterfall, for which lots of visitors are attracted here to enjoy the resplendence of nature.

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Bhimkund Waterfall

Bhumkund waterfall, Keonjhar

The Keonjhar district of Odisha holds another beautiful waterfall, i.e., Bhimkund waterfall. The lush green environment around this waterfall attracts a plethora of tourists. According to legend, there is an association of Bhimkund waterfall with the epic Mahabharat, where it is believed that The Pandavas stayed here during the period of their exile. Shimlipal national park is the nearest tiger reserve in Bhimkund waterfall, which is also an additional destination for the visitors.

Gundichaghai Waterfall

Gundichaghai waterfall of Keonjhar district, Odisha

Gundichagi Waterfall of Keonjhar district is located in a beautiful natural environment with lavish dense forests. The water descends from a height of 50 feet in the river Musal, which makes the area smoky and attractive with the sound of thunder. In short, this beautiful waterfall seems like a paradise for the nature doters, which gives the visitors unforgettable memories. This waterfall is only 12 km away from Ghatagaon.

Putudi Waterfall

Putudi waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Odisha, which is located in the Kandhamal district. The scenic background of this waterfall is enough to satisfy the thirst of visitors for a relaxing time. Putudi waterfall mixes with the famous river of Odisha, Bada Saluki. Furthermore, the dense forests and mountains around here make this one of the perfect tourist destinations in Odisha.

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Phurli Jharan Waterfall

Phurli Jharan Waterfall is situated in Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary of Kalahandi District. This place is around 15 km away from the city Bhawanipatna. The water of this perennial waterfall drops from a height of 16 meters. The main attraction of this waterfall is the multi-colored rainbow created over the scattered water due to the reflection of sunlight. The cool and calm environment around the waterfall will make you relax in the lap of nature. Moreover, the months from September to January are the best time to visit Phurlijharan Waterfall as the weather during this period is suitable to explore even more places in the district.

Harishankar Waterfall

Harishankar is one of the popular religious places of Odisha, which is devoted to both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This pilgrimage site is present in the Bolangir district of Odisha, on the slopes of the Gandhamardan Parvat. Apart from this, a perennial stream passing on the hard granite bed is the striking feature of this place. It is believed that one can get rid of all his sins by bathing in the water of this spring and worshiping Lord Harishankar. So, a large number of devotees, as well as tourists, visit this place from different parts of the country to fulfill their wish. The dark forests and mountains around this waterfall enhance the beauty of this place. Furthermore, there is a deer park adjacent to the Gandhamardan hills, which you can also visit.

Gandahati Waterfall

Gandahati waterfall of Gajapati district

Gandahati Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls of Southern Odisha, which is present on the Mahendratanaya River in the Gajapati district. This waterfall is almost 153 km away from Berhampur and 30 km from Paralakhemundi. It is one of the famous picnic spots of Odisha, which attracts a large number of visitors every winter. There is also a temple of the Hindu Goddess Santoshi Maa on the left side of the waterfall. To sum up, its scenic beauty surrounded by the dense forest is enough to attract people from various places.

Nrusinghanath Waterfall

Nrusinghanath waterfall of Bargarh, Odisha

Nrusinghanath Waterfall is present near the Nrusinghanath temple at the foothills of the Gandhamardan hills. Surrounded by thick forest and hilly terrain, this beautiful place is present in the Bargarh district of Odisha. Apart from this, this place is also a famous religious place as the 14th-century Nrusinghanath temple is present here. The period from October to March is considered to be the best time to visit this place. There are also some other waterfalls like Gadadhar, Pitrudhar, Guptadhar, Bhimadhar, Kapiladhar, and Chaladhar waterfalls near Nrusinghanath. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty and to spend some time in the lap of nature, then this is the perfect place for you.

Rabandhara Waterfall

Rabandhara waterfall, Odisha

Rabandhara waterfall is a place of great scenic beauty, which is present about 12.8 km away from Bhawanipatna. The beautiful scenery of lush green forests and mountains around this waterfall and the tranquility of this place is the key factor that attracts a lot of visitors here.

Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar waterfall of Cuttack district

Deojhar Waterfall is present in the Talapunji village in the Narsinghpur block of Cuttack district. Its scenic beauty and the dense forest surroundings are the major attractions of this place. The water of this waterfall descends from a height of 40 feet. It is almost 100 km far from the city of Cuttack. So, this place is one of the famous picnic spots near Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.

People often visit different places to quench their thirst for a relaxing time. And the waterfall is the only place where they can enjoy their quality time with their family and loved ones. With some magnificent waterfalls, Odisha wins the hearts of travelers all the time. From numerous waterfalls, we have handpicked some of the famous waterfalls for you. If you are planning to visit Odisha, then these beautiful waterfalls should be on your itinerary. Furthermore, make sure you must carry a camera to capture some fabulous scenery and boundless memories with you.

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